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Psychotherapy is a process of healing and growth.

You and I cocreate a time and space in which you can be who they truly are, without judgment, in order to make change possible.


Each session is based on a dialog, a contact focused on the here-and-now.

You share whatever you want to work on at this particular time and I listen actively, engage and help further insight. There is no fixed plan of action; I adjust my ideas and methods creatively.

Why so fluid? Because you are not everybody and you evolve constantly. The process needs to be flexible to support your growth.

The first three to four sessions are an introduction to the process. We define the “problem” and the desired effect, and we get to know each other a little. After that you decide if I am the person you want to work with.


I offer assistance in healing and personal growth.

Psychotherapy can be helpful with anything that disrupts the harmony in your daily life, like:

feeling unhappy or out of place in life
feeling of being stuck or having no direction
unresolved issues from the past

trauma (accident, loss, divorce)
intense emotions (anxiety, rage, distress)
psychosomatic symptoms (that cannot be explained medically)
recurring images or dreams


I am a Gestalt therapist, which means my approach is a holistic one.

The human being is not a sum of parts, but a complex unity with various forms of expression. For this reason, I base my work on dialog and nonverbal communication – I listen to you and observe you as a whole: with your story, your body and your background.

Should words fail or be insufficient we can use movement, breath, sound, objects and images to convey ideas and gain insight. 


My name is Marta. I am a trained Gestalt therapist; currently continuing my education at Wielkopolska Szkoła Psychoterapii Gestalt (the Poznań School of Gestalt Therapy).

Working with people therapeutically is an inspiration and joy for me. It’s wonderful to be with my clients on their journey – sharing their feelings, watching them tackle their fears, staying with them when they struggle and exploring all aspects of each issue.

As a therapist I get to partake in the process at the same time being its witness and there is nothing more amazing than to see the clients reaching new potentials and consciously shaping their lives.




Zdjęcie terapeutki gestalt Marty Szmani-Deierling


If you want to know yourself better and live more consciously, make an appointment.

789 122 377

Zamek Cesarski
ul. Św. Marcin 80
pok. 344, III piętro




The task of each person is to find out what is blocking a life situation.

                                               ~ Fritz Perls ~